Many times, over the past few months, a common question has cropped up…

What do you know about running a bed and breakfast?

Well…..that’s a great question, but first, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Petra, and along with my husband Gary, we’ve decided, after dreaming about it for years, to build our own B&B. Needless to say, it’s a huge undertaking, and after taking off our rose coloured glasses, we got down to the bare tacks. We had no choice but to ask ourselves the above critical question, and after a lot of rumination and pondering, we came up with the following:

  • We know what we’d like to see in a high-end B&B, and we’ll model our B&B after those requirements.
  • We’ve been in the service industry for over 50 years combined, and we can draw from our past experiences to enhance the B&B experience for our guests.
  • We love to cook and bake, and there is an abundance of organic and local fresh ingredients that we will include in our recipes.
  • We’re encouraged to challenge ourselves in our retirement, we love meeting new people from all over the world, and we are still young enough to want to live our dream.

Therefore, with these thoughts in mind, the Sun and Sea B&B became a reality…oopppssss, I got ahead of myself. Not quite. The first order of business was to find the perfect location, within our budget. After much debate, we settled on a lot in Nanoose Bay, close to the Schooner Cove Marina and Yacht Club, and with the Fairwinds Golf and Country Club just a few minutes’ drive down the road. It was very important for us to have an ocean view, and thankfully, with this lot, we are graced with a beautiful ocean view that looks out onto the Salish Sea, towards the coastal mountains.

Nanoose Bay

It’s a spectacular part of Vancouver Island, with rolling woodlands full of arbutus and Garry Oak trees, rocky outcrops, upscale homes, and plenty of exciting outdoor activities for the young and experienced traveler alike.

What next?

We already knew that we wanted to work with Glazier Construction, as they built our current home and are very well respected in the industry. Therefore, after we bought the lot, we settled on a house plan that would include a two bedroom bed and breakfast on the ground level, with private quarters for our guests, completely separate from our own quarters and with their own private entrance. This was vitally important to us as we assume that our guests value their privacy just as much as we do.

Now it’s time to put our heads together to formulate a marketing strategy that will open up our establishment to the entire world. It’s exciting and daunting at the same time, but in our hearts, we know that it’s the right path for our continuing journey in life.

Until next time, adieu.