Wow! What an incredible morning we’ve had. There’s nothing that I love more than exploring new trails on a beautiful day, with the sunlight filtering through the trees and the crisp, salty fall air fresh on my skin.

We decided to head out to Moorecroft Regional Park which is located exactly 2.5 kms  from our B&B. Towering Douglas Fir trees lined the road as we drove down towards the parking lot and the ocean, giving us great access to the many well-groomed walking trails. Picnic benches are strategically placed along the trails to take advantage of the best views, while enjoying the serenity of the blue waters of the Salish Sea.

Moorecroft Park Picnic Area

After walking for about one hour, passing through the majestic Douglas Fir forest, one could imagine how the First Nation’s people felt about their connection to this wild and beautiful land.

The Regional District of Nanaimo purchased the land in 2011 for $4.8 million dollars, recognizing that it was a priority site for regional park acquisition due to its rare conservation and recreational values. Ecological protection and enhancement are their highest priority, along with low impact recreation amenities within a natural setting. With 34 hectare of land, Moorecroft Regional Park includes some spectacular shoreline and views across the Georgia Strait. The natural forest of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Arbutus, Big Leaf Maple, Red Alder, and Garry Oak trees are featured in the 32 hectares of forested land.

Along with walking, picnicking, swimming, and paddling, scuba diving has become a great pastime in the park. For company, one can expect to see harbour seals, sea lions, and of course, the majestic eagles always searching for the best vantage point from which to seek their nourishment.

We are delighted to have this park within such close proximity to the Sun and Sea B&B, and are looking forward to experiencing many more adventures within its boundaries.