We are so excited…Oct. 1st, 2017 is THE date that our new B&B will begin it’s journey to completion in March, 2018. 

We have a long road ahead, with a lot of excitement and apprehension as we gear ourselves up for the incredible experience of building our very own Bed and Breakfast. Needless to say, our expectations are tremendous as we embark on a solid relationship with our builder, Glazier Construction, and have full confidence in their ability to complete our home with the high-end finishes that will compliment the unique atmosphere we’re hoping to create for our guests.

Over the past few weeks, we have been collecting some beautiful items from the local antique stores that emphasize the great ocean side community that we live in. I love taking my time, strolling amongst all of the carefully laid out possessions of the people who took great care to love and cherish their belongings, especially during the challenging times in their lives. Sometimes, I become quite nostalgic thinking about my time growing up in Toronto with a loving family, and parents who instilled a sense of pride and value in everything that we had in our home. We were by no means wealthy, but we enriched our lives with knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of people from many different cultures around the world. My father originated from Haifa, Israel, and traveled to London, England where he pursued his education in physiotherapy. It was there that he met my mother, from Berlin, Germany, also in physiotherapy school, and their love carried them across the ocean to Canada, where they made their home.

With such a rich upbringing to draw from, I look forward to hearing interesting stories from our guests, and finding out what has brought them to Vancouver Island at this time in their lives. We hope that their stay will bring them joy and happiness while they explore the ancient forests, wild pacific ocean, and lovely seaside communities surrounding Nanoose Bay.